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Connecting Pebble 2 HR to Samsung Galaxy Note 8

February 7, 2018 0 comments

I’ve used almost every single Smartwatch to date.  I honestly have been disappointed with almost everyone from being bulky, horrible battery life, lack of Samsung apps, etc.  The first Smartwatch I owned was the first gen Pebble.  Loved it.  I decided to go back and purchase the Pebble 2 HR (Heart Rate).  It has a lithium ion battery which should hold a charge between 5-7 days for this watch it also only takes about an hour to fully charge.

If you are trying to connect your Pebble 2 to your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it just won’t work.  At first I thought I received a bad Pebble 2 so I returned it back to Amazon.  I received the new one 2 days later same error message.  It seem’s the device would get stuck on 63% of an update then just update failed.  I tried everything from resetting the watch, holding down the bottom right button it just doesn’t work.  Then I thought it was my Galaxy Note 8 device so I decided to try my wife’s Note 8.  Same exact problem.

When you get the Pebble 2 it seem’s its in some factory state and needs to download the latest firmware version.  Here’s how I was able to finally get my Note 8 connected to my Pebble 2 HR.  Hopefully you have an extra device laying around I did I had a cracked Note 5, so I powered it on an downloaded the Pebble app.  I let the smartwatch do its update and Viola!  The Pebble 2 HR was finally updated to the latest version.  I turned off my old device, went to the Pebble App on my Galaxy Note 8 and it was connected without a problem.

What a pain in the ass.  Hopefully this helps others that are having the same issue.

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Disabling Bixby & Adding Google Assistant

April 20, 2017 0 comments

 4/24/2017 – There is now another working method. Instructions have been updated. 

 As of 4/20/2017 T-Mobile has patched this in the latest update. Still waiting for a work around. 

I recently just purchasing my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S8+.  One of the features I did not like was Samsung’s new service Bixby.

Bixby is an artificial intelligence system that’s designed to make device interaction easier, specifically designed to avoid the complexity of increasingly fully-featured devices. It will make its debut on the Samsung Galaxy S8 devices, but is designed to work across a range of Samsung products.

On the side of Galaxy S8 & S8+ where the volume up and down buttons you now have another hard button.  This is to activate the Bixby service and ask it something.  I wanted to replace this button using the Google Now/Google assistant.  It’s actually very easy to do; there is rumors that a patch is coming which will not allow you to do this.

What Apps you will need to install:

Package Disabler Pro (Samsung)

bxActions (This will work after the update)

BixBye (This will work after the update)

BixRemap (This will work after the update)

All in one Gestures (This app is no longer working as of the 4/20/2017 update please use bxActions).

Step 1.  First open up the Package Disabler Pro application.   Under “Search Packages” we are going to stop all packages with the word “bixby“.  Like shown below:

Step 2.  Open up the bxActions application.


Clickon the “Remap” button and choose which application you would like to launch.

That’s it!  Your bixby button is now mapped using the Google Assistant.  Enjoy.

Please note ever since the patch Samsung released as of 4/20/2017 this method is still not 100% correct.  It seem’s very laggy and sometimes unresponsive.  I will update if I find a more stable release.