RetroPie – HyperPie – AttractMode – Editing Display Menu

April 2, 2017 0 comments 1941 Reads

I’ve been using HyperPie a lot lately, on my Bartop arcade as well as my RetroPie that’s hooked up to my 65″ HDTV. I had a few changes that I wanted to make such as:

  • Add the Favorites List to the top of the list
  • Remove Consoles/Packs that did not relate to me

One of the benefits of adding Favorites to the top of the list when you scroll all the way up it will stop at the first item. With over 8,000 games installed sometimes I want to be able to find my favorites list to get a quick game in.

Also I had about 15 systems/collections that either had blank ROMs or stuff that I was never going to play so I wanted to remove them.

Step 1. The first thing you need to do is SSH/FTP to your RetroPie using FileZilla.

This is how the Filezilla Configuration should look depending on your ReroPi’s IP address. Default username is pi and default password is raspberry

The file you need to edit is “attract.cfg“.

Please navigate to:


Above is a preview of my attract.cfg file.  Lets say the display Top 100 Collection section that I have highlighted I wanted to remove, or place in a different area on the display wheel.  You need to make sure you copy the entire section and either delete it, or place it in the section where you would like it to appear.

Once you make your changes save the file and re-upload it to your RetroPie/HyperPie using FileZilla.

Quick Note:  Instead of using a default text editor, I used NotePad++ and I set this as the default editing program for my FileZilla FTP program.