Everything I Used for My RetroPie RaspberryPi Bartop Arcade

October 5, 2017 0 comments

In January 2017 I learned about RetroPie and RaspberryPi emulation.  I first started off creating a RaspberryPi that connected to my TV and used the Wii PRO Controller.  I’ve always been into emulating old classic consoles however it never seemed right playing them on my phone or computer.  After I tested different images and different components I started reading up on bar top arcades.

In March of 2017 I’ve watched tons of Youtube videos and joined several different Facebook groups where users have already created their own bartops.  I started to plan out and piece everything I would need to purchase to make a complete RetroPie Bartop Arcade machine.

My bartop arcade is running a RaspberryPi Model 3 board using  RetroPie/EmulationStation/HyperPie

The Outside
The Inside
The Audio

Cabinet Cooling

RaspberryPi – RetroPie | Bat script to Reboot RaspberryPi

October 3, 2017 0 comments

If you are using your RaspberryPi / RetroPie and you would like an easy way to reboot from your computer you can easily write the following command to a Windows bat script.

If you prefer you can skip all this and download the already assembled BAT file below.

Step 1.  Open up a note pad copy the commands below.

plink -ssh -l pi -pw raspberry retropie sudo reboot

Step 2.  Click on File -> Save As  (Be sure under Save as type you choose “All Files“) so it does not save as a .TXT document.

Step 3.   Now you can simply double click the bat file and I believe it will Reboot all RaspberryPi’s connected to your network.

RasberryPi Restart Script (109 downloads)

Plex Media Server | Enabling Better Subtitles

October 3, 2017 0 comments

I use Plex Media server a lot! One of the features I loved was the built in Subtitles. However since the last Plex update the subtitles seem to have been hit or miss. I saw that they had an external subtitle Plug-in Called “Subliminal“.  I decided to give this a shot and wow I’m impressed.

Step 1.Git-Hub   Navigate to the page and hit the “Clone or Download zip button”.

Step 2.  You need to rename the Extracted folder so it reads like “Subliminal.bundle” like shown below.

Step 3.  Copy the “Subliminal.bundle” folder you just renamed to the Plex Plug-Ins Folder.   Should be located :

C:\Program Files (x86)\Plex\Plex Media Server\Resources\Plug-ins-9f65b88ae\


Step 4.  Restart Plex Media Server, once restarted log in Settings Page on your Plex Media Server and Choose “Agents“.

Step 5.  Make sure “Subliminal Movie Subtitles” is checked.  Next click on the “Gear settings” icon.  Next you need to sign up for a free Addic7ed subtitles account.  Once done input the username/password you just signed up.

Git-Hub Link

Addic7ed Subtitles