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Connecting Pebble 2 HR to Samsung Galaxy Note 8

February 7, 2018 0 comments

I’ve used almost every single Smartwatch to date.  I honestly have been disappointed with almost everyone from being bulky, horrible battery life, lack of Samsung apps, etc.  The first Smartwatch I owned was the first gen Pebble.  Loved it.  I decided to go back and purchase the Pebble 2 HR (Heart Rate).  It has a lithium ion battery which should hold a charge between 5-7 days for this watch it also only takes about an hour to fully charge.

If you are trying to connect your Pebble 2 to your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it just won’t work.  At first I thought I received a bad Pebble 2 so I returned it back to Amazon.  I received the new one 2 days later same error message.  It seem’s the device would get stuck on 63% of an update then just update failed.  I tried everything from resetting the watch, holding down the bottom right button it just doesn’t work.  Then I thought it was my Galaxy Note 8 device so I decided to try my wife’s Note 8.  Same exact problem.

When you get the Pebble 2 it seem’s its in some factory state and needs to download the latest firmware version.  Here’s how I was able to finally get my Note 8 connected to my Pebble 2 HR.  Hopefully you have an extra device laying around I did I had a cracked Note 5, so I powered it on an downloaded the Pebble app.  I let the smartwatch do its update and Viola!  The Pebble 2 HR was finally updated to the latest version.  I turned off my old device, went to the Pebble App on my Galaxy Note 8 and it was connected without a problem.

What a pain in the ass.  Hopefully this helps others that are having the same issue.

Connecting Your SmartWatch with Your Mountain Bike

July 27, 2017 0 comments

Sometime around 2014 I purchased (2) products.  A new Trek Mountain Bike and a Pebble Smartwatch.   At the time Pebble was the first Smartwatch of its kind.  When I purchased my mountain bike being able to switch songs, see who’s calling, reading a text message was almost impossible with either looking at my wrist or taking my phone out of my pocket.  Also another key feature of the smartwatch was I could track speed, miles and time while riding.

I first tried to just attach the watch to the handle bars which failed, then I tried to prop something so it would hold the watch in place.  I went on Amazon and figured someone had to have already created this product and sure enough there was a bunch.  I ordered several different brands.  The best one and cheapest solutions was the Suunto Bike Mount.

Suunto Bike Mount

Click here to purchase the Suunto Bike Mount.

Everything worked perfect it sat on the handle bars nicely.  It was easy to remove and attach the Smartwatch.  Around 2014 I think the Pebble was the first Smartwatch, it’s now 2017 and there are a ton of great options available for smart watches with even more features.  Hopefully this post helps you with what I wanted to achieve in 2014.

Below are some other Smartwatches that you can purchase today.