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Downloading Full Directories

January 5, 2017 0 comments

I recently needed a way to download full directories from  Here was the easiest solution I found.

You first need the following files installed on your computer assuming your using a Windows based machine.  –  Ruby Installer for Windows  – Wayback machine downloader by hartator


Once you have installed those files start command prompt with Ruby:

Inside of the Ruby Command Prompt insert the following code:

 gem install wayback_machine_downloader 

The wayback plugin should now be installed.

Since I wanted to download files no later than 2008 of December and download 40 items at once I used the following code:

 wayback_machine_downloader --to 200812 --concurrency 40 

Once the download is complete you will be able to find your outputted files by navigating to your user Library on Windows and they will be under the folder “websites“.

The following code will download all dates with 20 downloads at a time.

 wayback_machine_downloader --concurrency 20 

Please refer to for additional usage options.