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[Review] Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter 360

January 27, 2017 0 comments

About a year ago I purchased my first 75 gallon fresh water fish tank.  I started with a simple over the top dual filter that did great but I was sick of changing the filter pads every month.  I also wanted something more powerful that would make my tank clear.  I looked at several different options from Marineland to Fluval and a few other brands.  Based on product reviews and pricing I decided to go with the Marineland canister 360 filter.  This was my first filter so I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into.  The only knowledge I had was following YouTube installations and various forums.

When I received the Marineland canister 360 the instructions were a little vague.  The biggest thing that got me was they included (2) small grommets that I would of thought they went on both input/output hoses at the base off the canister filter.  Turns out that was totally wrong.  I put them on there and primed and turned on the filter; I noticed water was leaking out of one the hoses at the base.  I saw the grommet was stuck inside the hose which was causing the leak so the only way I could get it out was to take the hose completely off.

When I did this it made a suction and tons of water just started shooting out everywhere but I finally managed to get the hose reattached.  Once I got the hose back on everything was perfect besides a lot of water that came out from a problem that could of been avoided with better instructions.  Other than that the priming of the filter and everything else was a breeze!  You can barely hear the filter running, the 4 valve air pump I have is honestly louder than the filter.

I was super nervous this month to clean the filter just to see how much it has collected due to the whole mishap with the water shooting all over.  Honestly all I did was unplug the filter, turn the “key” and the hoses were turned off.  There wasn’t a drop of water anywhere.  I’ve been extremely happy with my purchase and the tank just looks great every since I installed this.

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